Top Tips For Perfect SPA Day at Home

Top Tips For Perfect SPA Day at Home

Who would turn down a weekend full of blissful moments, with relaxation at a resort, and a spa adding the icing to the cake. Infact, if given a chance to make selections between beaches or full-body massages, definitely go for a spa! But all of these wishes pay a heavy price to pamper yourself. Instead of spending a lot of money, a perfect spa day can be managed at home as well.

Stage the evening.

The best feeling comes with a neat sparkly bathroom of your own, fresh towels besides, and some reasonable drugstore products. Say no to dogs, cats or any significant emails, texts, FaceTime. Switch on to dim lights, have some aromatherapeutic candles for the bathroom. Add a SPA DAY MOOD ROLLER to your spa experience. Which consist of all the enrich qualities an essential oil should have. You can also purchase spa gift set to enhance your experience. 

Have a plan.

It’s not easy to realize how beneficial an evening of home spa can be. It’s icing on the cake if you’re a bath lover. Apply some hair and face mask before splashing in the tub. Add a bit of shampoo to your tub water and lay down with ease. Prefer showers? Do the routine masks and relax with a book or some music on a wireless speaker? Experiencing rough and dingy skin, use some facial scrub to pave away dead cells.

Daub on a hair mask.

An ideal moisture mixture is the ultimate treatment for hair that’s dry, colored, damaged, highlighted, straightened. So a best hair repair protein power treatment.

Pick a hydrating face mask.

It is one of the compulsory processes that need to be applied in a home spa. As it quickly resets dry, parched skin looking tiring. It is important to choose a mask specifically moisturizing with wrinkle-plumping hyaluronic acid.

Do an under-eye peel-off mask.

Dark circles are often defined by a stressful routine to insomnia to a salty chip binge. Hence, a pair of crescent-shaped masks to your one-day spa therapy. After the whole mask process is concluded, apply some Sacred Space/ Fierce, Fancy & Fresh Bundle to your skin. Gives a fresh gloomy vibe, adding a positive vibe to your spa routine.

Relax in a steamy tub or shower.

Having a soothing water experience, with a balanced temperature doing favor to the skin. Add some bath salts or gels to the water to give a extravagant smell along with a cleaning texture to the skin.

Seal the deal with a moisturizer.

Hot water can often be dehydrating, so it is necessary to apply an effective moisturizer or an oil. A Moments of Serenity Bundle is the ideal counterpart for a dehydrated skin after a warm comforting shower. Provides enough moisturizer for the skin.

Pamper your feet with a scrub or mask with massage.

Carrying rough feets, with callused tootsies needs a spa attention, since each of us have 26 bones plus muscles, tendons and ligaments. Scrubbing the bottom part of the feet, gives a smooth skin, giving a comfortable walk.

Get ready for a joyful good night’s sleep

With the scintillating experience of a home spa, it’s easy to walk over from the bathroom to the bedroom. Then turn off your mobile and your laptop, hence engrave a light feeling in the body before a comfy sleep.

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