Got Oily Skin? Don't fall for these 5 Myths

Got Oily Skin? Don't fall for these 5 Myths

The consumption of oily foods, not peeling enough or just abnormal amounts of sun exposure are among the major reasons behind an oily skin. Moreover, these are few of the popular misconceptions that rotate in association to oily skin textures and solutions to control intensive sebum production. There are enough myths which need to be paved away regarding oily skin types. Hence, they need to debunk some of them. 

1. Regular exfoliation and washing are a must for oily skin types!

The process of exfoliating and washing vigorously won’t benefit in keeping an oil-free face. In fact, it creates excessive production of oil, due to over washing of the face leads to stripping off natural oils resulting in consistent sebum and vital lipids. This aggregates a system of dehydration where the irritation of skin reacts by producing more oil to balance the dryness. The best way to tackle such a situation is by observing how skin reacts to exfoliation in correspondence to irritation. After all the analysis, apply some COMPOSED RELIEF BUTTER to claim all the dry pores along with regaining of moisture.

2. Skip moisturizing on having an oily skin type! The real fact is, all types of skin require a proper moisturizing routine, especially the oily types. The disruptive moisture balance leads to dehydration, which turns out to raise more oil production on the skin. The key for better results is to find the right formula portion for skin type. The BE Butter Travel Pack is the product to go for giving out an oil free, non-comedogenic experience.

3. Sun doze keeps oil away!

It’s obvious that getting exposed to sun raze results in drying out of skin. Therefore, it doesn’t contribute to any repair process of improving oily skin types. Hence, it leads to further dehydration and some excessive oil production happening by the sebaceous glands. It is important to wear sun protection before going out and avoid excessive sun exposure during the day.

4. Oily food results in oily skin!

There is not enough research conterfying the oily skin resulting from oil food and a high fat diet. The reality lies as the oily skin is inherited genetically and occurs due to sebaceous glands producing enough sebum. But this doesn’t encourage unhealthy eating habits. A good diet is the ultimate solution to healthy skin. Following a healthy diet, you need a care like Lemon Essential Oil enriched with all the elements of refraining oil from the skin.

5. Nothing can be done for an oily skin!

It is true to have an oily skin genetically, and people with this type of excessive oil on their skin. Hence, there are proven ways to decrease oil production and sustain a clear skin. It is only possible to carry a healthy lifestyle with a persistent good diet that adores skin.

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