Why You Should Make the Switch to Vegan Skincare

Why You Should Make the Switch to Vegan Skincare

Veganism has seen an incredible rise in popularity in recent years and continues to do so as more people make the switch and abstain from using animal products. However, veganism is not limited to just diets and the food you consume as vegan skincare has become very popular.

People who follow a vegan lifestyle aim to abstain from using any animal products which is why vegan skincare and makeup is on the rise. These products are safe to use and are cruelty free as no animal product is used in them.

What is the benefit of switching to vegan skincare?

Nearly one million animals are held captive in laboratories and are used as test subjects in the development of products. Veganism is not just about following an organic, healthier lifestyle – it also involves avoiding the use of animal products to try and stop animals being hunted and used as test subjects.

Consumers are slowly becoming more aware and conscious of what ingredients are used in the products they’re using as well as the science and technology that is being used to make these products. This is especially true for cosmetics including skincare and haircare products.


One of the biggest advantages of using vegan products is that they are usually organic as a majority of the ingredients come from plants and minerals. These ingredients usually mean that the products are less likely to cause any irritation or inflammation with most of the people finding that the products easily comply with their skin type. Switching to the best vegan skincare products can result in you having baby soft skin.

Animal-friendly Products:

While not everyone is an activist for animal rights, no one wants animals to be cruelly held in captivity and be used as test-subjects for products. Ensuring that the products you’re using are not being tested on animals is one small step towards eradicating this practice entirely. The best vegan skincare products offer amazing benefits for the skin without harming any animals.

No by-products of dead animals:

This can be a major influence for a lot of people when they’re considering which product to purchase. Choosing vegan products ensures that there will be no dead animal by-products touching your skin. Some examples of such ingredients can include uric acid extracted from cows, dead insect extracts, and beeswax.

Natural Products are Better for the Body:

Natural, organic ingredients are superior to synthetic, man-made ingredients as our body can readily process these ingredients. Plants are the richest sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients and since our bodies are used to digesting plants, it also absorbs natural products better when applied to the skin.

Better Packaging and Less Waste:

Plastic waste is a major source of pollution, and it is something that the planet is currently suffering from. A lot of people barely pay attention to the waste their consumption produces but climate change is real and proper disposal of waste plays an important part in it. Choosing vegan alternatives can bring down the amount of waste that s produced. Since plastic is not biodegradable, it can poison the food chain and reducing its usage will be extremely beneficial for the environment.

Veganism is about minimizing suffering of animals and avoiding the use of animal by-products, many of which are sourced through processes which are incredibly painful for the animals. The products, such as palo santo sticks, are usually better than their non-vegan alternatives as the ingredients are natural and sourced responsibly.

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