Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Body Moisturizer

Top 5 Tips for Choosing a Daily Body Moisturizer

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, protecting us against external elements and therefore it needs to be looked after. Products such as body moisturizer and face creams become an integral part of everyday skincare. Looking after the skin is also beneficial in the long term as the skin is bound to look smoother, fuller and maintain its youthful look.

Understanding the Types of Moisturizers

Body moisturizers can broadly be divided into two main categories: occlusives and humectants. Occlusive body moisturizers keep water from evaporating from skin cells, effectively trapping the moisture inside the skin while humectants work to draw the water from the inner layers of the skin towards the uppermost layer to increase hydration.

The type of moisturizer that is best suited towards you depends on your specific skin type. The process of finding the best natural body moisturizer is different for everyone due to differing skin types. There are different body moisturizers for specific skin types such as moisturizers that contain vitamin and botanical oils or body oil moisturizers that can provide the hydration your skin needs.

Using Antioxidants for Irritable Skin

Antioxidants have a number of benefits for the skin, the most important being the ability of antioxidants to protect skin cells against free radical molecules which damage the skin. Antioxidants also stimulate the growth of new skin cells which is integral to keep the skin looking youthful and wrinkle-free.

An increasing number of skincare products now include antioxidants due to the protective qualities it offers. Looking at the ingredient list is a good indication of how effective the antioxidants will be. If the listing of the antioxidant is not amongst the first 5-7 ingredients, chances are that the product does not contain enough to make a noticeable difference.

Expensive Does Not Mean Better

The beauty and skincare industry are no stranger to misleading marketing campaigns. Many companies make exaggerated claims about the results their products can achieve while the reality tends to be extremely different from the claims. A company might claim to have the best natural body butters, but they might be specifically for oily skin and might not work on dry skin.

It is important to not fall for ingredients with fancy names or claims of immediate improvement in a short period of time. Reading about the key ingredients in skincare products and understanding what they do can make it much easier to pick and choose the best body moisturizer for dry skin, oily skin or sensitive skin.

Ensure That It Is Suited to Your Skin Type

The process of choosing the right moisturizer is different for everyone. It is essential to understand what products and ingredients are suited your skin as this makes shopping for moisturizers much easier. There are various different skin types such as dry skin, sensitive skin and combination skin.

Some products are catered to one specific skin type while others are meant to be used by everyone. Consulting with a dermatologist beforehand can be helpful as it provides an expert’s diagnosis regarding your skin type and what products will be best suited to it.

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