6 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin

6 Ways to Use Rose Essential Oil for Skin

Rose essential oil is a highly valued item with 1000 rose petals yielding only a single drop of the oil. This explains the high price as well as the high demand for the oil, in addition to all the benefits of rose essential oil. There are various benefits associated with the use of rosemary essential oil which include hydration, anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and mood boosting properties.

Rose Essential Oil can be implemented into your beauty routine in a variety of ways with each use offering its own advantages.

1. In the Bath

A long bath is an excellent way to de-stress and relax and adding therapeutic grade rosemary oil to the bath can make them even better. Although high-quality rose essential oil can be expensive, only a few drops need to be added to a bath in order to take advantage of the benefits it provides.

The oil can also be therapeutic for other issues such as high blood pressure and anxiety, soothing the pain and decreasing the stress.

2. As a homemade deodorant

Deodorants are one of the biggest causes of skin irritation, especially for those who suffer from sensitive skin. The use of rose essential oil, combined with a carrier oil, can make an amazing deodorant that is kind to your skin and takes care of all odors.

The deodorant is sure to keep you smelling fresh. There are many homemade recipes available, and they are extremely easy to make at home, requiring only a few ingredients. The amazing smell combined with the little-to-no-effect rose essential oil has on the skin makes it an excellent candidate for homemade deodorants.

3. As a Massage Oil

Massages have many benefits as they improve circulation and relax sore or tense muscles, reducing stress and tension. Rose essential oil skin benefits can be utilized through a massage as the oil is beneficial for the muscles as well as the skin.

The scintillating scent of roses is bound to help you relax as you practice some much needed selfcare in the form of a deep muscle massage. If you need to apply the oil yourself, the hands and feet are an excellent place to start.

4. As a Facial Oil

The use of essential oils for acne treatment is not uncommon. Essential oils can prevent acne and skin breakouts which makes rose essential oil an excellent ingredient for a facial oil. It is also easy to use and can be turned into a facial oil which is suited to the requirements of your skin.

The essential oil simply needs to be combined with a carrier oil and the concoction can be especially helpful for dry or ageing skin. Find a carrier oil that is suited to your skin and add a few drops of rose essential oil. As a bonus, the oil can also double as a personal fragrance.

5. As a Spray for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has recently seen a rise in popularity with claims of different advantages being reported by users. The holistic healing treatment can be used together with essential oils which improves the health of the body, mind and spirit.

Rose oil is popular because of its amazing scent and being used for aromatherapy can improve the mood due to the antidepressant and relaxing properties of rose oil.

6. As a Multipurpose Salve

Salves are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes such as a lip balm, highlighter or even a blush! If you do not want to use it for makeup purposes, it can also be used as a moisturizer, wound healer, cuticle oil, or frizzy hair tamer. The soothing and moisturizing properties of rose essential oil make it an excellent choice to be used as a salve.

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