How to Use Smudge Sticks to Clear the Air

How to Use Smudge Sticks to Clear the Air

The first thing that comes to mind is the cleansing of the whole house while setting up a get-together. Hence, there are some tips to clear the negative air and set a cooling air ambience around for days to the get-together. Say smudging is one of the profound experiences an individual can do in house through the use of Smudge Sticks. This custom practice might seem unfavorable, but the end results are quick and won't be disappointing.

The tradition of smudging came along with the Native American, with the use of plant energy to cleanse the negative energy out of space, person, or object. It is often called a spiritual practice of cleansing, but an adaptation of practice taken by people for the cleansing of the room. 

Know When to Smudge

Smudging is done before and after the visit of guests at home. The energy of people can dawdle the area of the house when the family is around. It's the ideal time to clear out the air and fill it with an astonishing energy of aroma. In order for that, the perfect way to use smudge sticks can be followed. Take a few minutes out before the guests arrive to give a sage smudging, and the repetition process goes on. The charm of smudge not only refrains from stinky smell but blemishes the negative energy out of the home.

Start Small

The most common mistake individuals carry out is by burning the whole smudge stick along, where there isn’t any need of burning the whole thing. One leaf is enough, light from the tip and blow it out, then feather the smudge around the room area to let the aroma spread to a wider space. 

Be Prepared

Be ready to sage the space with the right instruments around makes a lot of difference. Elements include; sage, a lighter or matches an abalone shell and a feather. The abalone shell is used to hold the smudge stick which contains the ashes, whereas the feather establishes a spread effect throughout the space. The floral wrapped sage has one of the pleasant smells which is ideal for a perfect family get-together. 

Work Around the Room

People feel lost before starting to sage smudging their homes. They feel confused about where to start. The experts suggest starting from a place where the negative vibe is high. It is all upon the intuition and sense, from where the vibe is extra strong. Simple steps to carry out, open out the room window to get rid of all the negative energy. Start off with the exterior space, around the doors, the windows and then close in with the middle of the room. Fanning consistently will move the smoke around the room.

Set Your Intentions

Smudging sage is just not a practice, it’s depending upon the intentions of bringing out the good vibes along. For positive vibes, the palo santo sticks are the best for spreading a flourishing aroma into the surrounding.

Take Your Time 

The best part about this process is, that it doesn’t take hours to turn the space into fragment vibes, just a few minutes is all required.

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