Body Butter or Lotion, Which is Right for You?

Body Butter or Lotion, Which is Right for You?

Dry skin is always a concern as it tends to bother and gives the most uncomfortable feeling which at that time confuses to choose between body butter or lotion. It is one of the proven phenomena that body lotions have the essence of providing light-weight moisture and are especially ideal for hands and face or for those who don’t have enough dry skin.

Lotion has the fundamentals of high hydrating and non-sticky factor. The water input is higher, which tends to spread more and carry less enriched ingredients. Lotions have the tendency to be used in both day and night. They are non-comedogenic and do not clog pores.

However, on the other hand, body butter tends to have a greasy texture and is ideal for those with a very dry skin.

Body Butters are raw and Lotions are refined

Body butters are brought in use when more intensive moisturiser is required. This is the perfect solution for a rough skin and can be applied all over the body. The body butters carry less water and spread less in comparison to lotion. However, it cannot be applied to the face, as the facial skin is way too sensitive and can lead to acne or dark facial with the excess applying of greasy nature and less water content.

Body Butters can obstruct pores

It is one of the skin moisturisers enriched with deep components like cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and vegetable oil. It is thicker than lotion and rejuvenates skin, it is ideal for skin parts like knees and elbows.

There are some amazing body butter products which are exceptional in treating problems like dry skin and others.

Calm, Cool & Composed Relief Butter

It is one of the finest choices of butter which gives miraculous therapeutic results in treating angry patches of skin. It is known for hydrating and soothing itchy, flaky, rough, irritated and inflamed skin. It smartly manoeuvres the repair process and moisturises skins, which disappears endless nights and dry skin days. It gives an instant effect of a healthy skin and eliminates dryness in skin making it beautifully glow.

Field of Bliss Rose Butter

The amazing Bliss Rose Butter comes with a tentative experience of improving texture, helps in soothing the skin, and provides the relevant nutrients in hydrating the skin. It gives a resounding effect of eliminating signs of ageing and dark spots. It not only gives a soft comfort feel to the body but gives a glimmer to the skin. The astonishing butter moisturiser has the tendency to minimise the scars and also help in treating eczema and rosacea. The fragrance of bliss tops up the romantic aroma into the body with its implementation on to the body.

However, body butter is far more effective and can be brought in use for a multiple purpose related to skin problems.

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