4 Best Essential Oils For Beard Growth in 2022

4 Best Essential Oils For Beard Growth in 2022

There are plenty of essential oils for beard growth which creates an effect in giving men with thick luscious bread.

What makes a beard grow out thick?

The answer could be perhaps simple, but there are multiple factors that play a vital role in this. The growth of the beard depends upon various things such as, genes, diet, lifestyle, DHT and also the testosterone levels. Factors like genes can’t be controlled by humans but some of them like diet and lifestyle can be.

Just like other body functions, beard growth can be improved with time with the help of using the right nutrients. This is the point where the introduction of beard oil takes place. Beard oil has all the right vitamins for the beard. However, there is much more to offer with this essential product.

What is Beard Oil?

It is a blend of various essential oils that helps in hydrating, nourishing and conditioning the beard. It changes the taming fizz to a fuller and softer feel. It has become one of the essential cosmetic products for men with beards.

Here are 4 Essential Oils for Beard Growth in 2022:

BE Frankincense Essential Oil

The Frankincense Essential Oil is the king product when it comes to beard oil. It not only rejuvenates the skin texture but also gives a smoother beard. The aroma of the oil gives an intense relaxation and a soothing vibe. It is considered to be top notch product, with its chemical properties which gives a kick in reducing the skin imperfections and maintains a healthy beard refraining from a dry skin. However, there are alternatives along the beard oils like ‘Return to Innocence Body Butter’ which comes with the essence of natural fragrance. The beautiful blend of Mango, Cocoa, Kokum with Shea Butters promote a natural healthy beard for a long term. The body butter keeps the skin and the beard both hydrated in adverse humid climates.

Queen of Bliss Gift Bundle

This is one of the highly rated oil bundles which comes with decadent rose butter. For getting the best result, the oil needs to be applied in a small proportionate amount to slightly damp the beard. The oil is made of 4oz Field of Bliss Rose Body Butter, 10 oz Bath Salt, Self-Love Mood Roller, Rose Mist Spray, and a Rose Quartz Crystal). This oil works best on all types of beards giving a fast-growing pace with the optimum conditioning.

Beard Oil & Body Butter Combo

This oil has earned a lot of compliments from different ethnicities and different beard types. Either the bread is fine, thick, frizzy or wavy, this oil does wonders. It provides the ideal nourishment to help grow the beard at a faster pace. It has the mix blend of Frankincense and Return to Innocence nourishment.

BE Soothing Bundle

This is one of the bundles to fall in love with. It consists of a lavender essential oil which gives a calming and soothing effect on the beard and skin. It has the properties of balancing the oil nutrients on the skin, making the roots of the beard stronger and making the beard thicker.

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