6 Home Remedies for Dry Feet

6 Home Remedies for Dry Feet

Dry feet are perhaps the most common problem when it comes to dry skin issues. At times, it can seem like your feet are always cracked, especially the skin on your heels no matter how much moisturizer you seem to apply. One reason why the skin on your feet can seem dry is that there are fewer oil glands to keep them hydrated.

Dry and cracked heels can also be caused by cold weather, standing for long periods, walking a lot, wearing tight shoes and using harsh soaps. This also increases the chances of more dangerous foot diseases such as athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis. If you’re wondering how to get rid of dry skin on feet then the following six tips can make it easier to keep your heels moisturized and hydrated.

1. Foot Scrubs!

Getting rid of the dead, dry skin on your feet and heels reveals the softer, smoother skin underneath and allows it to breathe. There are many over-the-counter foot scrubs, but exfoliation can also be done with a pumice stone. Soaking the feet before exfoliation can provide better results as that makes it easier to shed the dry skin on feet.

2. Use a Foot File

Foot files are the mechanical alternative to exfoliation scrubs and consist of an abrasive material, usually metal, that has a handle connected to it. They can look like cheese graters but can be quite aggressive which is why they should be used with care. Just like pumice stones, foot files are also more effective when used after soaking the feet.

3. Foot Creams and Balms

This solution can be suitable for those who find their feet and heels to be extremely dry and do not find moisturizers and creams to provide sufficient hydration. Frankincense essential oil on feet can provide some relief as the oil contains moisturizing and hydration properties that nourish the skin. In the form of a balm or salve, it can be the best lotion for dry cracked feet.

4. Moisturizing Gel Socks

This product is perfect for people that have busy schedules and cannot find the time to properly treat and care for their skin. These socks come with a special hydrating gel lining that provides a combination of moisturizing and socks but without the mess those two things would make if used together.

5. Foot Peel Masks

Foot peels masks have been a viral trend in the past, but they can be effective at times. They are especially suited to people who have tough, hardened skin on their feet. The bootie-shaped sheet masks are worn for a short while, but the results start showing up a few days later as all the dead skin starts to peel off in patches.

6. Liquid Bandage

The name of this product is slightly misleading as it comes in a spray form. People that have deep cracks in their heels can greatly benefit from this as the spray forms a seal over the cracks. This makes it easier to walk and prevents the entry of dirt and bacteria.

Different types of treatments can be suited to different people depending on the type and severity of their dry feet. One method might work better than the other, but this cannot be confirmed as different skin types can react in varying ways to the different methods of treating dry skin. If these remedies fail to work, it is best to consult a dermatologist.

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