5 Legitimate Reasons You Should Try Smudging

5 Legitimate Reasons You Should Try Smudging

It is for centuries that smudging has been used by the native people across the world. It was practised by people in place of negative energy containing unhealthy vibrations. Smudging is done as a ceremonial act used daily for cleansing and purification which uses a selection of herbs or often in the form of a palo santo stick before catching fire.

However, the current generation find this practice as unscientific, tossing it aside as ancient belief. Hence, they don’t realise that many prehistoric cultures having practices are confirmed by scientific studies.

How is smudging done?

It is a process of burning down the sage bundle at the end with a matchstick. The tip of the leaves should burn slowly, which releases a thick smoke. A sort of fragrance from the smoke lingers on the areas of the body which surrounds creating a focus. However, the ash is being  collected in a ceramic bowl or shell.

Here are some of the benefits of smudging with sage:

Nature’s Antidepressant

The negative moles in the air in the form of electricity are under the vision of scientific circles when it comes into wellbeing. It is to be observed that the negative ions are the effect of physiological behaviour of human beings. Ions are the atoms or molecules with a net electric charge due to gain or loss in one or more electrons. They are produced in natural open setting areas such as; parks and beaches. The theory states that electrons often give out lots of positive ions.

Therefore, smudging off the negative ions offers serious antidepressant effects.

Clearing Negative Energy

The process of smudging actually destroys bacteria from the air. Basically, it  has a physiological clearing effect. It allows us to relax in environments that are getting a little harder to settle. Luckily, the smudging releases off a great deal of negative ions in the air!

Clearing The Air

It is very much surprising that the smudging often helps in clearing the air of all kinds of bacteria and extensively improves allergy symptoms. This form of study was often authenticated with primaeval practices. However, research says the burning of sage (consisting of medicinal herbs) have reduced the bacterial reduction by 94% and the ability of smoke has purified or disinfected the air. BE Smudging Kit is one of the recommended ones.

Relaxing Effects

Just like the formation of incense, smudging can offer calming, and relaxing effects that are very much helpful to individuals with lower blood pressure, tension, relieve stress and normalise breathing rates, as the negative ions get directly into the human bloodstream.

Increased Energy

It is said that negative ions have a greater effect in helping to normalise serotonin (which is the feel good hormone), it helps in boosting the mood and gaining the overall energy. This is the ideal solution for ones dealing with depression.

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