Welcome to the place where solutions for many skin care problems, concerns or just day to day maintenance is our focus.   Over the past ten years, We have worked diligently to perfect the formula for B's butter.   Allow me to take you through the history of “why” and “how” my recipe came to exist.  Over the course of my life, I have lived all over the country and, consequently, have been exposed to diverse climates.  Regardless of where I was, however, one thing remained the same: I could not find a suitable moisturizer for my skin.  At the end of each day, my skin was dry, itchy and felt like that of a crocodile.  

Burdened with the desire to find a solution for my skin problems, I started researching different options and came up with what would ultimately be B's Butter.  At the heart of B’s Butter is shea butter, which has numerous benefits, but also a few drawbacks.  After exhaustive experimenting with other kinds of butter, oils and various other natural products to compliment the shea butter, I came up with the perfect formula to solve my skin care problems.  Not only did my skin soften but, over time, my scars started fading, and I began to receive many compliments on my skin.
The ultimate test, however, was still to come.  It was one thing for my Butter to work for me, which of course was my initial goal, but could it work for others?  Would they have the same reaction?  I started by gifting it to friends, family, and other acquaintances to get their feedback.  While I really believed I had come up with something special, I was not sure what to expect.  The response was overwhelming!  Not only did my friends love the Butter for its intended purpose, they told me about ways it helped them that I was not expecting. 

One of my friends mentioned it worked great for her as a face moisturizer, a business client told me it removed the wrinkles from her chest.  Another young lady thanked me because she said it was the only thing that softened her husband’s feet.  Another gentleman promises that his bald head has never looked and felt better.  The real game changer came when a friend called begging me to send her some more Butter because it was the only thing that worked on her and her daughter’s skin.  Of course, this sounded all too familiar!  Before I knew it, everybody came calling, and I was making and sending my Butter to friends and family all over the country.  After the overwhelmingly positive responses from friends and family, I decided to share B’s Butter with the world and B Everything Body, LLC was born.