What happens to your skin when you're stressed?

What happens to your skin when you're stressed?

There is no doubt that the year 2020 has drastically changed the altitude of the world. It has been one of the most stressful years for everyone around the world, therefore how does this affect the skin?

Basically, the stress and skin are correlated to each other. Skin is the largest organ in a body, and plays a crucial barrier along with immune function. It maintains stability between the external environment and the internal structures. Basically, the skin consists of two layers, one is the outer layer, the epidermis, that has the tendency to frequently shed and renew itself. The other is the inner layer, the dermis, which produces new cells in the body. Epidermis is known for its physical barrier whereas the dermis is most responsible for immune protection mechanisms. Skin hydration and protection against microbial invasion is what the epidermis layer provides.

On top of it, psychological stress has a direct effect on skin, also behavioral response to stress makes it worse.

How does stress affect your skin directly?

In situations with acute stress, our body releases hormones like cortisol which revive a ‘flight or fight’ response. This tends the body to retaliate to the acute situations, hence with the elimination of stress, everything goes back to normal.

How does your skin respond?

The reason for moisture loss and sensitivity is caused by the inflammation which defects in the skin barrier function. Hencing, resulting in dryness, a flare-up of rosacea, and various other conditions like eczema. For skin problems like these, eucalyptus body butter is the best choice to re-energize skin and breathe a new life into it. It carries the essence of antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties to safeguard the skin.

Mostly the inflammation can operate pigmentation pathways resulting in melasma worse. A realistic fact, how stress hormones can excess more oil production leading to discoloration and a burst of acne. Due to inflammation the circulation problems cause worsening of rosacea. During stress hinder collagen production, chemicals are released. The collagen exhaustion tends to skin sagging, causing wrinkles, and settling wound healing.

The evidence states how the increase in stress level accelerates skin aging which can be tracked down via DNA damage. Conditions such as psoriasis and extensive hair loss can occur due to stress. This can be managed by bringing the use of lavender body butter into daily routine. Gives a soothing, refreshing effect, with a re-energizing effect to body skin.

How does your response to stress affect your skin?

Stress often causes a deviation in daily routine. Many un-intentional habits come into play which creates a worsening impact on skin.

Eating Habits

Stress often causes an abnormal consumption of food, incurring a high sugar level which gets intact with proteins causing a glycation skin structure. This impacts upon the collagen and elastin resulting in a loss of elasticity and wrinkle emergence.

Sleep Patterns

Lack of sleep causes a natural hormonal rhythm in the body and halts the healing process. It results in dark circles, puffiness, dull skin and wrinkles.

Therefore, for all the loss in skin damage, the use of rose butter cream is the ideal skin routine. It provides a complete portion of moisture to the skin, without making it greasy.

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