How Rosemary Oil Will Make Your Hair And Skin Healthier

How Rosemary Oil Will Make Your Hair And Skin Healthier

When mentioning herbs or rather the queen of herbs. Rosemary oil comes at the top of the list. The word rosemary is derived from Latin “Ros” meaning dew or mist and “Marinus” which means sea. Rosemary is basically best known as food season all around the world, but it also has other crucial benefits as well, especially related to health. This is not the latest findings, but this secret is known from the time of ancient Greeks and Romans who have acquired the health benefits from rosemary oil.

Rosemary is usually used as an oil, despite its name it is not a true oil, as it does not contain fat. The rosemary leaves contain some certain phytochemical compounds that have the power to prevent diseases and promote health related problems. The essence of rosemary oil comes with it’s rich antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rosmarinic acid, and also anticancer properties. Small amounts of vitamin A, C and B6 are found in rosemary along with minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium and manganese which are very beneficial.

Benefits Of Rosemary Oil:

Relieves Muscle and Joint Pains

Rosemary oil has the components of antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties which gives an instant reaction to the relieving joint pains and soreness of muscles. It is easy to use. Just by taking a couple of drops and combining it with peppermint oil and a teaspoon of coconut oil. Massage it with gentle hands to the problem areas to relieve the pain.

Boost Immunity System

It is a successful theory to use aromatherapy of rosemary essential oil which is beneficial for the immune system, as it combats diseases which are linked to chronic health problems, which ranges from common cold to a heart disease. It is useful in combining it with any carrier oil like coconut oil. Massage it onto the arms and up to the lymph nodes under armpits, then slowly down to the neck and chest area to get the relaxation. However, it creates a lot of impact to the immune system by adding it to the bath routine.

Hair Growth

It is one of the rising questions as to how to use rosemary oil for hair growth? However, rosemary oil is the ideal solution for thinning hair. It works as a booster for hair growth, as it nourishes the hair follicles in the hair scalp. It consists of easy steps by combining few drops of rosemary oil with castor oil and two tablespoons of coconut oil which then is needed to be gently massaged onto the hair for a few minutes, and making such habitual routine will give out amazing results.

Reduces Acne and Combat Signs of Ageing

The essence of rosemary oil on the face has been popular for reducing inflammation caused by acne which is due to antibacterial qualities. However, there is more to ponder upon. It helps to give the best results in reducing the undereye puffiness and improving circulation. It also combats the damages from sun rays and signs of ageing.

Moisturising Mask

It is another theory giving astonishing results for a healthier skin. Moisturising mask helps in fighting dry, irritated, and inflamed skin. It is a simple process to proceed with by adding 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel in a bowl along with a few drops of rosemary oil. It needs to be applied on the thin layer of face with clean fingers. It needs to be applied on a regular basis for better results.

However, the Be Essential Oil Trio is the all in one package best for hair and skin routine. It is the ideal solution to combat hair and skin problems.  

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