5 ways to use Frankincense Oil Every day

5 ways to use Frankincense Oil Every day

The presence of Frankincense oil in some form or another has many people wondering what this fascinating scented oil is. Where does it originate? And how do I put it to use? As a result, knowing relevant information about the oil and 5 simple ways how to use Frankincense oil in daily life is essential.


Frankincense is a resin obtained from the Boswellia tree, which can be found in Oman, Yemen, Somalia, and other northern African countries. Frankincense, often known as the "King of Oils," is one of the oldest and most widely used essential oil for dry skin and was widely used by the ancient Egyptians for perfumes, salves, and skin ailments. This centuries-old understanding has led us to modern-day uses for the oil and helps us learn how to make the most of such a healthy oil.


RELAX... Frankincense produces emotions of calm, relaxation, pleasure, and overall wellness when used both internally and externally. After a long day at work, rub Frankincense essential oil on to feet to relax and minimize mood swings.

IMMUNE SUPPORT... Use Frankincense to keep the immune system in good shape. Frankincense also helps to nourish the blood and brain, which supports cellular health. Dilute a drop in some lovely warm water or add a drop in a teaspoon of honey to add Frankincense essential oil to the morning coffee (non-dairy beverage). The drop under the tongue hits strong.

BEAUTY OF THE FACE... Frankincense can help to reduce scars, stretch marks, and skin flaws while also creating a youthful appearance by decreasing the indications of aging. So, make sure to incorporate this oil into the skincare routine! Mix a drop of Frankincense with fractionated coconut oil and apply to trouble areas. Contact with the eyes, inner ears, and other sensitive areas should be avoided.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY... After a long day of work, apply Frankincense to the hands to create a natural, non-inflammatory response.

NAIL CARE...to strengthen and restore the nails and cuticles, rub Frankincense into them.


Frankincense is known as the oil of truth and is used to remove spiritual darkness from a holistic perspective. It encourages to let go of daily problems and negativity, as well as lower vibrations, to establish new, more optimistic viewpoints. The all-new Be Essential Oil Trio Frankincense draws on nurturing properties when used as an emotional healer, reminding the user that they are cherished and protected. Frankincense is an excellent oil for drawing oneself closer to divinity and the majesty of the True Self.

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