5 Tips for an Effective Hand Care Routine

5 Tips for an Effective Hand Care Routine

A proper hand care routine is necessarily required to have good looking hands just like the rest of the body. Every individual in life makes sure to have strong and healthy hands despite being one of the most used parts of the body. According to a study, the hands are the most overlooked body area when it comes to skincare.

Here are some of the most common factors in determining hand care routine.

The first one is due to the exposure to aggressive ingredients and chemicals. These include harsh soaps, hand sanitizers and other disinfectants, which often are found in cleaning homes and washing hands daily. Washing liquids for dish washing and detergent also include intensive chemicals that have side effects on the skin.

Other factors like weather and environment which are caused through sun, wind and humidity all play a vital role in making skin dry. Even small bits like going outside from an air-conditioned place to a sunny sidewalk, can affect the skin.

Human lifestyle choices are one of the factors in damaging hand skin. Choices like eating food, personal habits like, sleep, alcohol use, smoke intake and stress level.

Here are some tips to look out for to prevent damage to your hand care routine:

Washing and Drying Hands Right Away

Talking about washing hands, it is one of the crucial parts of a skincare routine. It depends on what daily routine offers, either getting exposed to chalk, dirt or grease, all to which can cause a lot of irritation to skin on the hands. The first thing to apply is a mild soap like african black soap liquid to avoid drying skin out. The soap is cooked over open fires, and the “potash” used to finish the soap comes from the fire pits. It contains a texture like “shower gel” which doesn’t get thin watery soap. It is recommended to use cold or lukewarm water, not hot. As the hot water dries the skin out more quickly without being effective than lukewarm water.

How to improve the Look and Feel of The Hands

It is a fact that the hands are the most exposed areas of the skin. So it is obvious that the skin on the hands tends to shed skin cells frequently faster. Moisturising of the skin tends to retain the natural supple texture. Best time to moisturiser is after bath, exfoliating, dishwashing and before going to bed.

Gentle Hand Exfoliation To Remove Dull, Dry Skin

It is a process of getting rid of dead skin cells to expose fresh skin underneath. The exfoliation method is used depending upon the skin type. However, scrubbing is more effective on oily skins, while exfoliation is recommended for dry and sensitive skins.

Using Of Sunscreen

It is one of the key things in protecting the skin from sunburn and premature ageing. It is applied on the hands after applying the moisturiser first. It is suitable for people who are mostly spending time out in the sunlight.

Keeping Hands Protected from Exposure

It is important to make use of gloves when doing dishes, the laundry or any other household chores. Low humidity and cold temperature are the signs of low moisture in the air, which leads to dry and cracked hands. At this point the use of Frankincense Essential Oil should be used after washing hands. It rejuvenates the skin and gives a refreshing feeling.

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