The ingredients in BE Butters have been carefully selected from all natural ingredients to optimize the effectiveness of the product.  The result is skin care products that will protect, heal, and provide overall day to day skin maintenance for our clients. With consistent use, your skin will be silky smooth in no time. (This butter is formulated to restore damaged skin into silky smooth skin with regular use. )   All of BE Butters share the following ingredients:
Mango Butter
-Can help aid skin conditions such as psoriases and eczema
-Fights fine lines and wrinkles
-Aids in Preventing Wrinkles
-Increases skins overall youthful look
Raw Shea Butter 
-Rich in Vitamin E and Vitamin A
-Repair skin 
-Boost collagen 
-Aids in blemishes, wrinkles, stretch mark prevention
Kokum Butter
-Vitamin E 
-Rich in fatty acids 
-Helps regenerate skin cells 
-Treats wrinkles 
-Prevents dry skin
Cocoa Butter
-Natural Healer of Dry Skin 
-Fights signs of aging 
-Hydrates skin deeply 
-Prevents future dryness
Moreover, if the benefits of our Butters aren't enough for your skin to say "thank you, "Also, BE Butters' also includes the following Oils and their glorious benefits:
Coconut Oil
-Naturally antibacterial 
-Excellent moisturizer
-Has anti-inflammatory properties which help tame chaffing and ease the effects of eczema and rosacea 
-Vitamin E and B, Complex vitamins which help in skin repair and damage control
Avocado Oil
-Rich in fatty acids 
-Vitamin E
-Contains potassium, lecithin, and many other nutrients that nourish and moisturize the skin.
Argan Oil
-Contains carotenoids that are great for healing damaged skin and preventing oxidative damage from occurring 
-Helps stop wrinkles from forming
Sweet Almond Oil
-Keeps skin cells healthy
-Protects skin from UV radiation damage 
-Helps skin retain moisture
Vitamin E
-Helps in diminishing more permanent marks
Tea Tree Oil
-Strong Antibacterial Properties 
-Also known to be effective in treating mild to moderate acne
While the benefits I have just shared with you are the main reasons I have specially selected these ingredients for BE Butters, many other benefits reach beyond what is listed here. Now you have a little insight on all the "goodness" contained within a jar just waiting to give your skin what it needs for healing, maintenance, as well as reversing the signs of aging.  
The Butters
All the goodness of Shea, Cocoa, Kokum and Mango Butters combined with Oils that will give your skin all that you needs to retain healthy skin, repair damaged skin and reverse the signs of aging skin. BE Butters is designed for Men and Women and is an All Over Body Moisturizer.  Whether you would like to use our butters for areas that need special attention or as a replacement to your every day moisturizer you will appreciate the benefits.   
Butter Whip Me 
A light and airy consistency for normal to oily skin (The Vegan's choice as it does not contain Beeswax)' The "Butter Whip Me" is non Greasy yet leaves skin feeling nice and velvety.  
Butter Me Up 
A thicker consistency for Normal and Dry Skin. Melts in hands at body temperature. Glides on nice and smooth.  Takes less than a minute to absorb in the skin leaving your skin silky smooth.  
BE Butter is an all-natural Butter that works best when used within 12 months of purchase.  Because it has no additives or preservatives, it is essential that your Butter is stored at room temperature,  Also, for maximum benefits use after a bath or shower. I can assure you your skin will eat it up and you will see the happiness shine through — compliments of Nature and B Everything Body LLC.

"Hydrate Your Body with Our All Natural Body Butter"